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New Horizon Special School
Batik Workshop
Project Support
Book Club
Project Support
Golf Special Interest Group
Project Support
Batik Workshop
Benefits of membership

OUR Activities

  • Volunteering with Charitable Projects and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Cultural Tours Event Description/Information

  • Social Events with Purpose

  • Seasonal Celebrations - with fundraising for charitable projects in mind

  • Special Interest Groups such as: book club, handicraft group, French and English discussion group

NAWA Activities

Your 12-month subscription includes:

An Opportunity to Get Involved

Dive into excitement by joining our Volunteer Committees and engaging Special Interest Groups!


Your membership comes with a vendor list offering discounts exclusively for NAWA members.

All the details

You can also join the private WhatsApp Group to receive reminders and short-notice updates.

No Worries Book

Get ready for adventure – grab your very own copy of the thrilling No Worries Guide to Ghana!

Bi-weekly Newsletter

Stay updated on NAWA opportunities and community news through the Newsletter.

Members-only Facebook

If you rely on Facebook for information, make sure to join the members-only page to access and share information.


Join for only 500GHS

for a 12-month subscription

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