Humanitarian Projects

Community social welfare support has been at the heart of NAWA since we began over 30 years ago.

NAWA has provided financial and material support to dozens of projects over the years, concentrating on small local projects, and primarily those benefiting women and children.

The funds to support these projects come from the well-known No Worries guide. All proceeds from the sale of the books and advertising goes to NAWA project work, making it possible for NAWA to make a real difference in the lives of many Ghanaians.

Who do we help?

We seek projects that have strong community support and strive towards becoming sustainable. Our support is a onetime contribution to help an activity become sustainable, and we do not fund ongoing costs such as salaries, food, scholarships, etc.

Want to help?

Make a difference, contact our Director of Humanitarian Projects.

A site visit and dance at the Women’s Alliance for Development in Hikpo.

The NAWA Humanitarian Projects committee is the social services arm of NAWA, run by members, donating their time to reach out to people in this country and make a difference.

Members meet to review and discuss proposals from charitable organizations throughout Ghana (shelters, schools, health clinics, etc.) that have requested NAWA’s assistance. After conducting a site visit and assessment of the organization, the committee works with the organization to see them accomplish their goals, and makes a follow-up visit upon its completion.

If you are interested in getting involved, please consult the Events page on our website for details of the next meeting, and contact our Director of Humanitarian Projects with your interest. It doesn’t involve many hours of work, but can really make a difference to local people’s lives.

Need help?

If you, or an organization you know of, need assistance, please download and complete the Project Application Form, and submit it to us for consideration. Or contact us, for more information.

The Humanitarian Projects Committee has announced that their project application deadlines are 30th September and 31st January every year. All applications received by these dates will be reviewed by the committee, and responded to within six weeks.

Applications should be submitted by to:

Hard copy applications can be posted to the following address.

Post: NAWA Projects Committee
PMB C 271,

Who have we been helping recently?

As 2015 comes to a close it is a good time to reflect on the many ways NAWA has given back to our host country and its people. NAWA has a mandate to improve the lives of women and children living in Ghana. As members we know how NAWA has improved our experience in Accra, and here are some ways that NAWA has helped improve the lives of Ghanaians.


Environment 360 – Jaku and the Earth Defenders:

For the second cycle of our 2016-17 NAWA year, the projects committee was pleased to review and fund the publication of 5000 books Jaku and the Earth Defenders through Environment360. The Earth Defenders symbolize recyclable materials, for example Pak is for take-away or styrofoam packaging, Alumi is for Aluminum, Peppa is for paper and Robby is for plastic bags. The Earth Defenders make it their responsibility to keep their communities clean by disliking the abuse of the recyclable they represent.
Our project site visitors were excited to find a very well functioning school club program in 12 Greater Accra schools which fosters recycling and sanitation education. The books will support the environmental education in which both teachers and students are participating. The students put this education into practice on their school grounds through a recycling buddy system.

CrossCause Charity – Mimi Health Clinic

For the January funding cycle NAWA also contributed to the Mimi Health CLinic in the Volta Region. Funds allocated to this project we to assist in the purchase of privacy curtains and stable wooden benches. NAWA have previously funded the construction of the roof on the clinic and are now happy to fund the curtains and benches for those delivering their babies at this newly constructed health clinic.


In addition, NAWA has raised additional funds for Autism Awareness Care and Training (AACT) through participating in a Unity Charity Walk and a fabulous Easter themed coffee morning. We will be meeting with the Director in the coming days to decide on which items will make the most difference in the children’s lives.

Non-Monetary Support

NAWA members also assist  in ongoing non-monetary ways such as donating items or volunteering their time to various charitable organisations around Accra and Ghana.

If you’re interested to see how you can help in a non-monetary way, please download the Non-monetary Help List and Volunteer Opportunities documents. You can also contact the Projects Team, who will be happy to hear from you!

Past Projects

Furniture for Education Project – NOYED: NOYED has been advocating for access to quality education for children in the Northern Region of Ghana for over ten years. Although the government provides some desks, the supply has not met the need. Children are either cramped four to a desk or sitting on dirt floors, using a plank of scrap plywood on their laps. At the Lamashegu School, NAWA is providing funds for 30 dual desks with benches. At the Nuri-Tahazeeb T.I Amadiyya Islamic School – the poorest of all schools we visited, yet ranked second in the area for academics – NAWA is providing funds for 30 dual desks with benches, a new pavilion-style classroom block and latrines.

Water for Life Project – Survival of the Children Foundation: Gomoa Afransi’s wells have gone dry. The pressing need for clean drinking water in this area has prompted NAWA to fund the drilling of two wells with pumps to meet the consumption needs and ensure the water supply is sustainable. Existing open wells will be replaced by closed-top drilled wells with manual pumps.

ABAN Against Neglect: ABAN makes wallets, bags and other accessories that are sold with the funds providing skills training to single mothers and abused women in an effort to break the cycle of poverty in the Aburi area. NAWA helped to purchase their dining hall equipment.

Adanu: Adanu means Wise Collaboration. They strive to better the infrastructure, communication and development of rural communities in the Volta Region. NAWA paid to put a solid roof on a maternity clinic they have built between the villages of Dawanu and Adaklu.

Lotus Children’s Centre (AMURTEL): A children’s home and nursery school providing holistic education to deprived communities. Funding was given to help replace their roof.

ATBAWA: Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women Association. Funding for 50 birthing supply kits for women who have been trained as midwives in the Upper Volta region.

Children of the Light: An after-school children’s education/community support project, funding for land securing (walls) and pre-roof building works was assisted with the donation from NAWA.

FAWE (Forum for African Women Educationalists): FAWE is teaching sewing skills, cooking skills and home economics skills to women in the Eastern Region free of charge. Their objective is to teach practical life skills and profitable trades to young girls who dropped out of school. NAWA provided funding for kitchen equipment for the catering training.

Golden Baobab/DUNK: An organization that promotes the creation of African literature for children. They provide resources to writers and illustrators and help them get their books published. At the 2014 holiday party, NAWA members bought books and 80 book bags through Golden Baobab to donate to DUNK, an after school program that uses basketball to reach out to children in disadvantaged communities. DUNK supports the education and athletic development of its kids, while teaching them leadership and life skills in the Nima area.

Kakpeni Primary School, Salaga, Northern Region: NAWA repaired the physical building at a village primary school. The money has installed cement gutters around the mud block school in an effort to prevent further erosion. It also paid to plaster six mud classrooms and complete a small house for two teachers that was already under construction.

Kayayei Girls

The Kayayei: A British sewing group donated fabric, thread and other sewing notions to a group of head porters who are learning sewing to get them off the streets and home to their villages with a marketable

Kinder Paradise: A beautifully run orphanage and school in the Pram Pram area. NAWA donated a poly tank and industrial sized fridge and mixer.

The Lotus Children Centre, Mamprobi, Accra: This is a home and kindergarten in Mamprobi, Accra. The children, orphaned and abandoned, come from very disadvantaged backgrounds for basic learning in a safe environment. NAWA donated a water tank and pump to solve water problems in the dry seasons. We also helped with some plumbing and general maintenance. The Centre is home for several older girls who have been encouraged to stay in education.

New Horizon Special School: New Horizon is a day school for children and adults coping with physical and mental disabilities in Accra. After receiving a donation of playground equipment, NAWA provided money to install canopies over the area to allow the children to play in the shade.

The Olinga Foundation: A remedial literacy program in rural schools in Western and Eastern Regions that is getting excellent results among children who have slipped through the system without knowing how to read. NAWA provided funding to print more of their text books in local languages and carry on their teacher motivation and monitoring process.

The Orthopaedic Clinic, Nsawam: This clinic takes care of the rehabilitation of physically challenged children from all over Ghana. They annually see over 6,000 patients nationwide. NAWA donated to convert an old workshop into a classroom where their staff of physiotherapists and technicians will receive continued training and professional development from experts visiting from Holland and the US.

YOUDRIC: Study Centres in rural areas of Central Region. Peers and an educated monitor help each other with homework and to prep for high school entrance exam. NAWA invested in furniture, supplies and equipment for a new centre in Kromain. They are asking for further donations of educational CD ROMs or books for the students (ages 10 to 16).

The Peace Corps: The Peace Corps have been running a nationwide program – “Take Our Daughter To Work Day”. NAWA donated to this initiative, designed to raise awareness of women’s rights and encourage ongoing education. Girls learn about careers, additional schooling and how obstacles can be overcome. Peace Corps volunteers introduce the girls to successful women as mentors, and show them the possibility of wider career choices.

Ridge Hospital Maternity Theatre: NAWA contributed to the Ghana International Women’s Club, in support of their huge project to renovate the maternity operating theatre in Accra’s Ridge Hospital.

W.I.S.E. Centre Roman Ridge, Accra: The WISE Centre is a shelter for battered and abused women and children. In Ghana victims of abuse sometimes do not receive the help they need because they do not have the money to pay for their medical or physical needs. NAWA’s donation will help provide for the immediate medical and physical needs of WISE clients.

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