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No Worries – The Essential Guide to Accra is proudly brought to you by the North American Women’s Association (NAWA), Ghana.

It’s a guide with information and recommendations about services available, restaurants, shopping, health, travel and tips for living in Ghana. It is known as a guide for what is best, and worth using. Since its first publication in 1997, No Worries has been widely recognized as the most useful guide to living in Accra.

The guide is available in a book format and online.



Where to buy the book

The book is sold regularly at NAWA events, at local school/ fundraising bazaars, and at the following retail shops for GHS 60.00:

  • Global Mamas, Osu
  • Wild Gecko, East Legon
  • Vidya Bookstore, Osu

If you’re outside Ghana and wish to purchase No Worries prior to your arrival, it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

Volume discounts are available to organizations buying 11 or more books. For more information on where to buy the book or to place a bulk order, please email

No Worries is NAWA’s key fundraising initiative. All proceeds from No Worries, both print and online versions, go directly to our Projects, helping women and children in Ghana. See our Projects page to see who we support.

Updating information

Keeping our information current and accurate is a challenge! Businesses come and go, phone numbers change, restaurants open with great promise then fall by the wayside… and so it goes. The No Worries editors are constantly updating the listings, and count on NAWA members and our readers to feedback information on listings for editing.

If you have a correction or update to a current listing please click here. A suggestion for a new listing? Click here.

The content of both the book and website is made up of two parts: (1) business listings recommended by our members, and (2) paid advertising. The listings are businesses that have been tried and proven to be worthy of recommending to others. A NAWA member must have a first-hand experience with the business in order to submit a recommendation.

Previous editions of No Worries, Published since 1997:

No Worries Current Edition          No Worries, 3rd Edition, 2007

4th Edition, 2010;                                    3rd Edition, 2007

2nd Edition, 2002            1st Edition, 1997

2nd Edition, 2002;                                1st Edition, 1997


Advertising is available on both the website and in the book. Our readers are mostly “obronis”, here for a few months or a few years, and looking to enjoy all that Ghana has to offer. If you are interested in reaching this lucrative audience of consumers, through a trusted medium, then contact us.

(Did we mention that all the advertising revenue goes to funding charity projects right here in our community?)


No Worries – The essential guide with everything you need to know about living in Accra.

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